Juno Nemesis: Remix Full

Juno Nemesis: Remix Full 2.0

Juno Nemesis: Remix is a 3D bug-shooting game set inside a huge machine
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Mountain King Studios

Juno Nemesis: Remix is a 3D shooter. This game is similar to Tempest or Gyruss, but is set in a 3D environment. You control your vehicle in the tubes inside a huge computer called Juno. Your mission is to defend the machine from a program that was designed to destroy the system, represented with waves of bugs that will come towards you from the deep.

The game has six levels, you must repel 30 bug attacks to advance to a next level. You´re inside a tube, and you can move your ship clockwise or counter-clockwise, and fire at your enemies. This can be done by means of the keyboard, mouse or joystick, whichever suits you best. You must shoot all your enemies, and avoid being hit. The destroyed enemies will release power-ups that you must catch if you want to last longer. These power-ups will give you extra firing power, more energy and even extra lives. Some Extra Games will be unlocked with every level you complete. The unregistered version will let you play just the first level, the other five will remain locked unless you register.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s highly addictive
  • It has nice sound effects and graphics


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